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For anyone ready to learn simple tools to rid themselves of neck and back pain due to phone or other screen usage, postural habits, persistent under, over or misuse of muscles.


Kim Trimmer, MEd, C-IAYT, eRYT-500

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Kim is the best. Several weeks ago there was all this ‘Yoga is dangerous’ stuff in the news. I thought, not if Kim is your instructor. This week there’s all this stuff about how beneficial yoga is — as long as you begin slowly to prevent possible injury. Well, ditto, as long as Kim is your instructor you are in good hands. Kim gives positive correction, lots of encouragement, usually a pearl of wisdom, and let’s not forget the laughter. Kim is a blessing to me.
~Paula, J,  InsideOut Yoga Student


If you could confidently alleviate that neck and back pain you experience, would you give yourself that opportunity or would you keep  . . .

  • Finding yourself in a Catch 22 where your energy is low because of lack of movement due to pain or discomfort making it harder and harder to reach out for help.
  • Cobbling together strategies with unreliable measures of relief?
  • Refraining from doing things you want to do due to fear that the problem will be exacerbated?
  • Being resigned to “life is just like this now” or “this is what happens at your age”. My least favorite medical professional's comment, btw.
  • Staying in the cycle of doing less, not knowing when to move through a sensation and when to stop leading to confusion and fear, and likely more and more restricted movement capacity.

Hi, welcome, allow me to introduce myself . . .

I'm Kim Trimmer

When I was 13, our phys ed teacher (the mean one) had about 100 of us girls standing in a circle for a scoliosis test. We each folded forward and she came along behind us to observe our spines. I was shocked when she pulled me out of the line and took me into the bathroom. She was surprisingly kind but it did not change the fact that I had the unwanted curve she was looking for. I have scoliosis. 

Scoliosis is a lateral or C-shaped curvature of the spine. I have the most common type–an idiopathic right thoracic curve. It is between my shoulder blades and who knows why (that’s what idiopathic means). Some known causes are one leg being longer than the other or habits due job or other activity that cause you to lean to one side constantly.

Along with the lateral curve comes a rotation. For me, as well as many folks with scoliosis, this means that the sacrum rotates and causes imbalance in the sacroiliac (SI) joint. This can be a common place of imbalance for many, just a bit more likely with scoliosis. 

After that diagnosis, I had many bouts of back pain growing up and as a young adult. Then I discovered yoga. I developed a clearer understanding of what was happening in my spine and how to find my best alignment to alleviate pain. Believe it or not, at 63, my back is significantly less problematic than it was when I was younger. When pain does creep up, and it does, I know what to do so that it does not keep me from moving or doing what I need to do as it did in my 20’s. 

I bring 50+ years of exploration of back issues, my own and 1000s of students. My studies in yoga, yoga therapy, somatic movement education, Melt, and study with physical therapists also inform my work. During my 26 years of teaching yoga, I have developed a keen eye for observing and helping students to address pain and alignment issues. I am fascinated by bodies and uncovering what is causing problems so that we can solve them together to allow freedom of movement. 

More about Kim and InsideOut Yoga here.


3 Reasons You Might Want Posture Power

1. Pain Free Posture:

Learn about your spine, where you are vulnerable, what habits and conditions you have that cause pain due to misalignment and most importantly, how simply repositioning yourself can go a long way in leading you out of pain.

2. Improved Digestion:

Poor postural habits inhibit proper digestion. Learn how to support your body in assimilating the nutrients it needs from your food and eliminating what it doesn’t, simply by adjusting your posture. 

3. Full Breathe, Deep Sleep and Increased Energy

Stretch muscles that will increase your breathing capacity, carry yourself in a way that promotes deeper breathing and see how much lighter you feel, how much more energy you have and how much more deeply you sleep. 



Kim is a very well prepared, knowledgeable teacher who always makes classes fresh and interesting. She is constantly expanding her continuing education in yoga and thus expanding her teaching skills. She tailors her approach to each individual in a caring, respectful way and creates a safe, supportive, fun environment. Those who have discovered Kim as a teacher are very loyal to her — she’s the best! 
~ Diane K., InsideOut Yoga Student

Here’s How Posture Power Can Help You:

★ 6 In Person Sessions to help you uncover the root cause of your pain and tools to not only alleviate that pain, but also lessen the chance of pain recurring (+ how to catch it early and bring relief when it does!) 

Yoga, Somatic Movement, Physical Therapy exercises, breathwork and Melt protocols (we’ll do these together!) to address pain issues by strengthening the areas that need to be stronger and increasing flexibility in tight areas.

★ Customized Worksheets to take with you so you can do your exercises with ease at home, on the go, or when you’re traveling. 

Exclusive Facebook Group to gain support from others, ask questions and get feedback from me as well as your fellow Posture Power Pals.

And Power Up Your Posture for
These Exclusive Bonuses:

Free Access to the Inspiration Membership (for the duration of Posture Power!)

For the full 6 weeks of Posture Perfect you will have access to a treasure trove of yoga, breathing, meditation and relaxation practices inside of our online portal. 


 A private session with me at 50% off! 

There will be time for questions and answers in each of our sessions. If you wish to schedule a one-to-one session for more in-depth questions, you will receive a 50% off of one session with me that you schedule by March 31, 2024.


Are you ready to activate your pain-free future? 

(with the support, guidance and accountability to make it happen)

In Studio* Meetings, Sundays February 18 - March 24, 2-3:30pm

Grab Your Spot

for $350*

*If you wish to be on the waiting list for a live-streamed version of this workshop, email with "Please add me to Zoom Posture Power  waitlist". 


  1. Do I need to have yoga experience to participate? No, you are welcome whether you have yoga experience or not. Each practice will be taught with beginners in mind. 
  2. What if I have an injury? If it’s acute you might wait for swelling to go down and join a later cohort. If it is ongoing, something you’ve lived with for a while and you know how to manage, then yes, please do join us. 
  3. Will I be safe? I have lots of experience and training. I will adjust practices to suit your body and  I will never pressure you to do anything
  4. What if I am not able to do all of the movements/practices? That’s fine. Not every practice will suit every student. I will adjust practices and suggest alternatives. 
  5. What if I can’t do what other people can do? Everyone has gifts/challenges, no pressure to do anything. This is very much about learning to know and accept your own body, its gifts and its challenges. 

Still Pondering?

Here’s some food for thought . . .

Because you are resourceful and have lived with pain or discomfort for however long you have, you can likely continue.

You’ll get by as you have, and if it worsens there ARE potential medical interventions. Surgery can be considered if comes to that, though that is inconvenient at best and not always effective. Pain meds could also be considered, though at best they serve to mask the problem and at worst they can create new ones.

OR . . .

You can follow this simple, proven pathway; learn little to no-cost, minimal time investment, manageable daily techniques to avoid medical interventions with their physical and financial costs.
Yes, there is a commitment involved. There is also the incredible satisfaction of knowing your body from the inside out, of understanding what is causing your discomfort and of having the know-how to address that twinge as soon as it arises.